Our Workshops
17 Workshops are on offer this year from Australia's Premier Bellydancers and two International Guest Artists; Asharah
from San Francisco & Daniela from Cairo who are coming to share their knowledge and love of this wonderful dance form. From Steampunk, to Tribal, Stylistic Fusion and many other Genres of Bellydance, across all levels, there is something suitable for Everybody.

Asharah will be facilitating 1 x 3 hour Intensive on Friday
and 2 x 1.5 hour Workshops on Saturday.

Daniela is facilitating 2 x 1.5 hour Workshops, 1 on Friday and 1 on Saturday.

Workshop Bookings
Workshops can be booked individually or there are several Workshop Packages to choose from.

Workshops with Asharah and Daniela are available separately and as an International Presenters Workshop Package.

Workshop Participants must Book Individually
Workshop Bookings Close 3 April 2017
All Booking Information can be found on the Book Online page of this Website.

Water is an essential for all workshops, and a yoga mat for warm up if you so desire!



While a Tamzara is a traditional Armenian folk dance, this version brings in American Cabaret, Turkish Oryantale, and Fusion belly dance influences for a fun, challenging,and show-stopping performance. For even more of a challenge bring Finger Cymbals.

Level: Open

1.5 Hours

Quick. Sudden. Direct.

Hard contraction movements add excitement and textural interest to any belly dance performance.

Learn the secrets to creating clean isolations and how to layer them over traveling movements.

Level: Open

Abigail Keyes (Asharah) is internationally renowned for her strong technique, contemporary stylization, tough but compassionate teaching style, and insightful writings on trends and topics in the field of belly dance.

In 2016 she earned her M.A. in Dance Studies at Mills College in Oakland, with focus on history and pedagogy. She is certified Level 5 in both the Suhaila Salimpour Format—the first ever tiered certification program in belly dance—and the Jamila Salimpour Format, and she is one of only two dancers in the world to hold this distinction.

Additionally, she holds a B.A. from Princeton University in Near Eastern Studies, and has studied the Arabic language at both Georgetown University and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

She is a staff instructor at the Salimpour School of Belly Dance, has appeared with Zoe Jakes’ Bhoomi Project and Beats Antique to audiences of over 3,000 people, and is Assistant Director of the Suhaila Dance Company and Bal Anat.

She has taught throughout the Americas, Canada, Europe, and Asia; and her 2008 instructional DVD, Modern Tribal Bellydance with Asharah, is still considered by many dancers to be one of the best instructional DVDs on the market for belly dancers of all styles and levels.

She has also written The Salimpour Compendium, Vol. 1, a study guide and survey of topics related to belly dance history and theory, including a biography of innovative instructor Jamila Salimpour.

Asharah is currently writing a historical biography of the four early American “barefoot” dancers who shaped the beginnings of the modern dance genre. 

1.5 Hours

Mix it up and fuse belly dance with street dance, old school hip hop, jazz, and more!

We'll move and groove, exploring syncopated movement, unexpected musical accents, and challenging footwork.

We'll also talk about some of the origins of movements that we're fusing, always staying respectful to the source.

Level: Open


Daniela Zaghareet is based as an oriental dancer and teacher in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Cairo, (Egypt). Her first encounter with Oriental dance was back in 2002 and she started dancing intensively and teaching in 2005.

Classical oriental, raqs sharki and egyptian folkloric are her favourite styles, but Daniela also focuses on more modern forms and folkloric dances outside of the Egyptian region. Zaghareet has marked attending the prestigious Nile Group festival in Cairo in 2008 as a milestone in her dance education, studying with renowned teachers Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Youssry Sharif, Hassan Khalil, Ahmed Fekry, Asmahan of Cairo, Khaled Mahmoud, Freiz and Nour Aso.

Daniela has also studied with the famous Czech dancer Líza Vegrová among many renowned dancers; Tito Seif, Sadie Marquadt, Jillina Carlano, Katka Krejčová, Alexej Riaboshapka, Wael Mansour, Raqia Hassan, Azziza of Cairo, Randa Kamel, Mercedes Nieto, Ehab Gadala, Shereen, Eglal, Lulu Sabongi, Azad Kaan, Nelly, Tereza Sheyla Klementová, Daila, Mandi Aziza Williams, Sara Vujinovic & Maria Aya.

Daniela started competing in 2010 – and has won many competitions in a wide range of styles in Prague, Cairo, Vienna & Budapest amongst other countries. She continues to teach, perform, choreograph, compete and judge in both Egypt and the Slovak Republic.

1.5 Hours

The entrance piece to your show, your first encounter with the audience! Your goal is to catch their attention, show them what you possess; elegance, playfulness, strength, cheekiness and because we are educated dancers - show your audience that you understand the structure of the music, the various rhythms, the folkloric connotations.
Show your audience that you can technically pull of folkloric movements as well as more classical sharqi style movements.

The mejance is a beautifully colorful and essential part to your show. In this workshop you will learn technique, combinations and a choreography to take to the stage!

Level: Open

1.5 Hours

Mahraganat shaabi or 'festival shaabi' .  Shaabi means local, from the neighbourhood. Usually it's not meant as a compliment in Cairo when they refer to shaabi, ie your behavior as 'shaabi' implying you are not well-behaved and come from the poorest and wildest parts of the Cairo melting pot. (Think Eliza Doolittle and Prof. Higgins.)

The Mahraganat shaabi style of music and dance has no rules, it is a mix of everything from classic bellydance elements to poppin', lockin', hip-hop and breakdance. Electronized voices of singers blaring out words many times with no coherence, sometimes referring to the daily mundane life in the 'hood' & are often spiced up with bad language.   It is also an essential part of any street-shaabi-wedding. 

Bring your energy, a lot of 'Tude (attitude) and participants are welcome to wear jeans and dance heels (at your own risk and optional).

Level: Open


The term Temple dance fusion conjures up exquisite sensual dancers in amazing ancient temples. Learn to recreate the look and feel of the ancient temple dancers from Mysterious temples across the globe with this Temple dance fusion choreography today.

Level: Beyond beginner levels
Bring: A note pad/note book pen and your phone/camera (you will be able to video the piece at the very end)

Gabriella's passion for dance has led her to explore and study the many different genres available in Australia and overseas. Temple Dance Fusion is one that I love and keep coming back to as it allows for a wide range of expression for telling a story. I would love to introduce and share the beauty, grace and sensuality of this style of dancing and it’s ancient origins.


This workshop will be an introduction to a range of different Arabic rhythms on the tabla, covering both the simple bass lines, with more intricate solos.

Please feel free to bring extra percussion instruments, such as riqs (Arabic tambourine) and zills. Ali can also bring extra drums for those who don’t have them.

LEVEL: Beginners and Beyond Beginners

Ali Higson runs the long established Amera's Palace Bellydance School and Boutique, in Marrickville, Sydney, where she also teaches Arabic percussion.

Ali has a fun and dynamic teaching style. With decades of performance experience behind her, and 20 years of playing Arabic percussion, she has oodles of knowledge to share. Her passion is rhythm interpretation for the bellydancer, and she loves supporting dancers to create their own percussion with confidence and joy.


Rachel's powerful Saidi workshop is completely different from any other!

Rachel is here to share her favourite rarely-taught men’s moves, from poses and ways of holding the stick through to dynamic combinations that we will put together into a short choreography. Throw in some quintessential Tahtib (‘fighting’) moves, and your Saidi dancing will never be the same!

Bring: A stick, preferably the men’s style assaya with no hook (some available for loan)

Level: Beyond Beginners (some stick experience useful)

Rachel is a professional bellydancer and has been dancing and performing for over 15 years and teaching in Sydney for the past 9 years.  She has studied under noted local and international teachers and travels to Egypt for intensive studies and has a vast knowledge of Egyptian Folkloric styles alongside classical and modern Oriental Dance.

Rachel has won several awards, including being selected in the cast for Bellydance Evolution in Sydney in 2014.


Join Aradia for a workshop of intense and intricate technique and drills which are designed to refocus and reconnect you to your dance. We will also talk about challenges we face in our movement and how to overcome them. Aradia will share her unique approach to achieving clean and unpredictable isolations with elements of alignment, anatomy and visualisation.

The focus in this workshop is to move from the inside out utilising muscle memory, speed and energy transfer whilst leaving room for your own individual style!

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Aradia is the industrial, kick-ass cyborg goddess of the bellydance world. She never fails to leave her audience breathless with her intricate isolations, fluidity and transitions. With over 35 years of dance experience and 25 years of teaching,

Aradia is dedicated to her art and has mesmerised audiences all over Australia and Asia. Part bellydancer, part street dancer, part machine, she is renowned for creating and teaching her own style: Industrial Bellydance. Fasten your seatbelts!


Do you have a performance ahead with a large space to fill and not as many dancers as you'd like? Or do you have a 20 minute set with only 2 choreographies up your sleeve?  Poi and flags can fill a large space physically and provide stunning colour and liquid movement.

Join Debra as she combines tribal movements with poi for a captivating visual feast.

Level: Beyond Beginners and up

Debra’s love affair with Tribal Belly Dance began in her lounge room in 2004 with a friend, a dusty FatChanceBellyDance video and video recorder.  The costumes…the technique…the dedication… she knew she had found ‘it’.

She has a particular love for the intricacies of arm and hand moments. She dances and teaches under the name Musa Tribal Belly Dance and is particularly engaged with the sisterhood of the dance. Her life revolves around her passion for tribal belly dance studying with many noted Tribal Bellydancers and has been running the Tribal and Trance Fest for many years. She is a classically trained pianist and singer and has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Education.


Margo’s tribe, ONYXtribal, are known for their creative, theatrical choreographies – particularly those based on the elements of earth, water, air, metal and fire. In this workshop, Margo will pull combinations and transitions that are used regularly in performances and class.

Her styling comes from her solid ATS and oriental bellydance background but is also flourished with nuances from classical and contemporary dance. You’ll enjoy dancing in group formations with new and old dance friends and be inspired to tweak your choreographies as you try out your skills.

Level: Beginners and up

Margo, a returning teacher to Newcastle Bellydance Festival, is the Director of ONYXtribal from Castle Hill. She is known for her flair with choreography and costuming, which are often inspired by art and happenings she is exposed to in her events business.

She loves teaching and encouraging students to find their own dance creativity, and delivers solid technique with clear instruction. Her workshops are interactive, detail-orientated and most of all, great fun.


Ever wanted to learn the extravagant art of performing with Feather Fans or Fan Veils?  Nows your chance! This workshop will give you the skills to dramatically enhance your performances and convey different moods and attitudes!

Rachel Reid, AKA Jazida will share with you a variety of tips, techniques and exciting combos for both fan types. We’ll explore single, double, open and closed fan work to help build strength in the core, wrists, arms, back; increase flexibility; and develop musicality.  You will be using these props with showgirl style in no time at all! 

Level: Beginner to Advanced
What to wear: Fitted but comfortable clothing
Bring: Feather Fans and/or Fan Veils

Rachel Reid started Belly dancing in 2009, and teaches feather fans and fan veil at the Canberra Dance Theatre.  Rachel is a regular performer at restaurants round Canberra and is the producer of “Arabian Nights”, Canberra’s premiere belly dance performance events.  

Outside of bellydancing, Rachel is a celebrated burlesque performer who has won multiple awards and accolades. 


In this workshop, you will learn some funky, fusion combos that use parts of the body we sometimes forget about, or under-utilise.

We will explore the use of heads, shoulders, hands and feet in layered movements, as well as sharp and creative isolations.

Please bring your dance journal and be ready to try out some new movements!

Level: Beyond Beginners and up

Zoë’s dance journey started in Canberra 15 years ago when she was lured by the beauty and femininity of Orientale and Egyptian styles.  A self-confessedtribal fusion addict, Zoe is known for blending strong, subtle and creative tribal fusion technique with oriental flair.

Zoë has trained with Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle and many other influential Fusion Dancers and is the Principal of Bahirah Bellydance Newcastle and teaches and performs at National and Local Festivals and Events.


“Fun and fabulous” everything a drum solo should be!

This energetic choreography lifts the tempo and releases the Diva in you.  With exaggerated shimmies, turns, travels and poses, this workshop is a great way to release your inner diva. 

Level: Beyond Beginner / Intermediate

Xaeda Raqasa is a popular instructor and entertainer, and her love of Dance has seen Xaeda blur the lines between Classical, Tribal and Fusion styles. 

Blending each style into her own unique technique has seen Xaeda perform alongside many legends of the dance and is acclaimed as an emotive and passionate artist.

A Gypsy at heart she enjoys teaching throughout Australia and evolving as an artist.  


Let us invoke the energy of dark fusion theatrics within this workshop.  Conscious expression of movement, emotion, character, impression and theme.  Conjuring the Shadow reflects the techniques Dani has designed and applied in her personal performances and the tuition of her Umbra students for stage presentation.

You will explore how to connect the shadow aspects of Gothic dark fusion belly dance by conjurin this energy from with the self.

Levels: Open to All
Bring: An open mind and free expression

Dani is the creatrix of Desert Moon Goddess belly dance and Umbra Theatrical Gothic belly dance in Newcastle. Her distinctive choreographies are narrative and theatrical in nature, bringing story, myth, magick and mystery alive within her performances. Her passions are dancing within both shadow and light, honouring the divine feminine through sacred dance and expressing dark fusion in its many guises.

Dance for Dani is an embodiment of energy that is shared through conscious movement and intent. Based in Oriental technique she has evolved her dance with unique movement, music and costuming. Dani has 17yrs experience and created the unique annual event “Evernight” and teaches classes, workshops and performs as both a soloist and with her dance Sisters.


Steampunk is a state of mind and a state of time, old world, yet contemporary. In this workshop you will learn a series of movements, combinations and double sword manipulations for 3.37 minute double sword choreography to a steampunk inspired track with attitude.

The workshop will focus on timing, presence, attitude and sword manipulation that drives the music as much as the music drives the dance. Take it home as a whole, or as components to re-imagine and reassemble

Bring 2 x swords
Level: Beyond Beginners

Kylie ‘Astarte’ Morrison has been studying dance for 20 years, exploring traditional bellydance, tribal and fusion styles. With a background in visual arts and mind body fitness, Astarte is recognised for her innovative and theatrical styling, and for pushing the creative boundaries of fusion styles


In this workshop Gulnara is teaching a fast Tribal Fusion choreography that includes travelling layering moves on shimmy. You will learn Gulnara’s technique for foot, hip and arm positions and how to make it all work while dance in a fast movement.

Level: Beyond Beginners and Up

Gulnara, originally from the Ukraine has been dancing Oriental and Tribal Bellydance since 2007.

Gulnara has studied under Indra Bellydance for 7 years, and other noted fusion artists such as Zoe Jakes and regularly performs as a soloist at local & regional festivals and haflas.  Gulnara is also part of the Indra Bellydance Performance Troupe and has been teaching her own classes for three years on the Central Coast.