Our Workshops
11 Dance Workshops plus our Make up Workshop are on offer this year from Australia's Premier Bellydancer Teachers!

From Oriental, to Tribal, Stylistic Fusion and Contemporary Bellydance, across all levels, there is something suitable for Everybody

Water is an essential for all workshops, and a yoga mat for warm up if you so desire!

Workshop Bookings
Workshops can be booked individually or there are several Workshop Packages to choose from.  Package Prices end 26 February 2018.

Workshop Participants must Book Individually

Online Bookings Close for Workshops on 2 April.  Late bookings can be made at the Festival Bookings Desk Friday & Saturday.  Click Here to Book Online Now

Makeup Tips & Tricks with Nat Harvey

Does putting on your makeup for a performance make you nervous? Does the thought of putting on eye liner make you cringe? If you answered yes then this workshop is for you!!! Come and learn some simple tips and tricks to help you get your makeup from drab to fab in a flash. I was never good at makeup growing up and I am not a super skilled makeup artist, just someone who has had to learn it all the hard way!! We will go through techniques for performance makeup and how to modify for day to day or evening glam.

Bring: Any and every bit of makeup you have and a mirror (can be small travel size or larger, up to you!)

Natalie is a Sydney based dancer who has been performing and teaching ATS and Tribal fusion for over 12 years. Natalie also has a passion for middle eastern music and plays the tabla, riq and def. As part of the Bellydance Evolution Dark Side of the Crown show in 2014, Natalie had to learn stage makeup techniques and fast! 

Isolate, Lock & Layer with Dani

Isolating and locking bring a dynamic energy into any genre of belly dance.  We will focus on the fundamentals of isolating and locking and experience their integration in belly dance.

Music from classical, Fusion and Dark Fusion styles will be used as we drill movement and patterns.  Basic layering is also explored adding another exciting dimension to your dance and performance.

LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

Dani is the creatrix of Desert Moon and Umbra Theatrical Belly Dance in Newcastle. Her distinctive choreographies are narrative and theatrical in nature, bringing story, myth, magick and mystery alive within her performances. Her passions are dancing within both shadow and light. Dani has 17yrs experience and created the unique annual event “Evernight” and teaches workshops, runs children’s belly dance parties and performs as a soloist.

Fire Fans & Poi with Wolf

In this workshop you will learn how move with Poi or Russian fans as some movements are possible with both. layer dance movements and prop manipulation, move and spin inside the circles and find your flow state. Fall in love with sacred geometry and have some fun with a skill toy that will engage both your mind and your body. 

Bring: poi if you have them - I will have some sock poi you will need covers if you have fire poi to prevent sootiness,  a sense of humour (its most likely you’ll hit yourself while learning )
Fans - Russian grip !   

LEVEL:  Beginners to Intermediate
Bring:    Poi and/or Fire Fans

Wolf started her dance journey in Canberra somewhere in the 80’s and spent 10 years with Tribal Jewels.  She has worked in restaurants and traveled to Egypt to dance with the last Ghwazee.  Bellydanced down Oxford St for Mardi Gra and taken bellydance skills to contemporary art festivals. In the last few years Wolfhas focused on fire which has led to performing as a soloist and in large group fire shows at festivals

Give it to me Straight - Datura Combos with Alice Knox

Straight up Datura combinations that can be used in choreography or combined with ATS to create a potent ITS mixer. Adding zils is not for the faint-hearted but if you can hold your rhythms this workshop will challenge your bodies and your brains.

LEVEL: Intermediate

Alice is a Brisbane-based tribal fusion dancer who specialises in Datura Style technique. Alice is the first Australian dancer to complete Rachel Brice’s Eight Elements training program and to gain teacher registration in this style. Alice has also trained in oriental, tribal and folkloric styles of bellydance.

Smooth n' Fast with Zoe

Who doesn't need some versatile fusion combos in their dance suitcase?  In this workshop you will learn a selection of Zoe's current favourites; smooth and gooey, quirky fast n fun!

These combinations are adaptable to suit different music and styles of dance and are yours to create with!

LEVEL:  Intermediate and Beyond

Zoë’s dance journey started in Canberra with Angelina of Sahira Bellydance where she was lured by the beauty and femininity of Orientale and Egyptian styles. She is now a tribal fusion addict and is known for blending strong, subtle and creative tribal fusion technique with oriental flair.

Zoë has studied locally and internationally furthering her dance repertoire and has been teaching and performing for over 8 years in the Newcastle region and around Australia.

Belly-esque with Jazida

In the late 1800s, a troupe called "Little Egypt" came to America and regularly performed at the World Fair in Chicago and this had a big impact on the future of bellydancing in America. These same dancers had an interesting impact on the future of burlesque and saw the birth of hoochie coochie dancing which later evolved into the bump and grind (which is the style linked with the golden age of burlesque -perfected by Crystal Starr and Tempest Storm).

In this workshop, we'll learn a burlesque style choreography defining the difference between belly dance and burlesque.


Rachel Reid has dancing bellydance since 2009, performs at Turkish restaurants round Canberra.   Outside of bellydancing, Rachel is a celebrated burlesque performer who has won multiple awards and accolades

When not performing and producing, Rachel teaches dancing (fan veil and feather fan) at the Canberra Dance Theatre. Her fabulous fan veil troupe have been established for over a year and have performed at several events in and around Canberra.

Love in Damascus with Xaeda

This multi faceted workshop delves into the world of trap fusion movement through a series of combinations that create an exhilarating choreography.

Add some colour to your standard dance movements and layer your isolations by opening the mind to new elements. You can pick up on the beat in the music and accent it through your pops and locks, a shimmy can become a tick and a ½ beat allows for strobing.

Set to the trap re-mix of “Love in Damascus” this workshop will be fun and fast paced!!

LEVEL: Intermediate

Xaeda is an emotive performer who loves diversity of movement and expression.Her devotion to Classical, Contemporary and Tribal Fusion styles of belly dance has allowed her to travel the county to perform and teach at festivals and all kinds of events including Intertwine, Newcastle Belly dance Festival, WAMED, SydMedFest, Transcendence, Adelaide Belly Dance Festival and so many more.

One of her most cherished dance moments was being invited to perform with Helm during their Australian visit in 2016.  Recently relocating to Brisbane from Coffs Harbour, Xaeda is looking forward to new and creative dance collaborations

Turkish Romany Fusion with Michelle

Learn the mystery of the 9/8 rhythym and learn to interpret the style in a modern context.  Learn snappy combos with gypsy passions and gestures fused with drum solo techniques.


With over ten years experience dancing and performing in Sydney, Perth and Darwin, Michelle has recently relocated to Newcastle. Her experience shows in the representations of dances from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, the Gulf and Iran and more. Michelle has a wide repertoire representing modern, fusion, traditional folkloric styles.

Spin Spin Spin with Bek Kelly

Those tricky turning movements that have the potential to make us feel off balance, disoriented, and sometimes like we have two left feet. Spinning can be challenging and daunting, especially when we get asked to do more than two at a time! But onstage and especially in troupes they can look dramatic and effective, and when well executed and well practiced spinning can be a joyous experience.

Hook turns, crossover turns, paddle turns, barrel turns, and chaine's - in this workshop we will be breaking them all down and integrating them into fun fusion combos. This class is designed for all levels, with basic breakdowns and optional levels added for those who would like the challenge. Don't be intimidated, come along and master the art of spinning!


Based in Melbourne, Bek is an experienced dancer and performer. She began her dance journey in 2008 with contemporary bellydance, ballet and latin, before finding her passion in tribal fusion bellydance. Bek performs as a soloist, has been a member of Shimmy Bliss Dance and The Orchid Dolls and is currently a core member of Antaresia tribal.

Over the last nine years of performing, Bek has worked on a variety of stages. From large scale stages and projects such as Rainbow Serpent festival, to  theatrical projects like the Lumiere stage show, as well as countless intimate haflas and small club gigs; Beks performance experience is extensive. 
An initiate of Rachel Brice's 8 elements program and Level 1 certified in Deb Rubin's Dance Therapeutics program, Bek trains regularly with Tribal Fusion teachers from Australia and abroad.

Stylized Tribal with Margo

In this workshop we will use elements of ATS®, ITS and ONYXtribal’s vocabulary, playing with different concepts to create rich and interesting choreography. Margo will include moves, combinations and transitions (and her favourite element, fun) to elevate your performances to stylish and interesting show pieces.

LEVEL:  Beginner/Intermediate

A returning teacher to Newcastle Bellydance Festival, Margo is the Director of ONYXtribal from Castle Hill. She is known for her flair with choreography and costuming, which are often inspired by art and happenings she is exposed to in her events business.

She loves teaching and encouraging students to find their own dance creativity, and delivers solid technique with clear instruction. Her workshops are interactive, detail-orientated and most of all, great fun.

Carving Space with Sian Bhala

In this workshop you will learn modern ATS® vocabulary that has been modified for the use of sword.  We will also learn a short fusion style sword choreo. No prior ATS® experience required but sword experience is a must.

Bring: Sword

LEVEL: Intermediate 

Siân creates her unique style of Modern Bellydance by combining her love of contemporary dance with the roots of bellydance. Through this process she has created a unique collection of movements and eclectic interpretations, fused with a dance that is ancient and sacred. Performances are set against musical backdrops that fuse contemporary electronic music with ancient and ethnic sounds. Siân reveals a darker and more theatrical side of dance through deep emotive power and story-telling flow. 

Constantly seeking out opportunities to develop her skills and broaden her experience, Siân has dedicated recent years to training extensively both locally and internationally. Beyond dance, Sian's second passion is teaching. Through sharing and encouraging other women to dance she hopes to facilitate a rich, supportive and diverse dance community in Brisbane.

Sassy Malaya with Kimmy

Learn a sassy and exceptionally fun choreography with Kimmy that you can easily take home to use.  Use of a Malaya or large heavier veil is recommended but not necessary.  Suitable for all levels, just bring your attitude and be prepared to Strut!!

Bring: Melaya, Heavy Veil


Kimberley Fuller aka Kimmy is an Oriental Fusion and Folkloric teacher and performer.  The founder of Belly Beats Bellydance in 2014, Kimmy loves to explore her many passions for the multitude of styles within her choreographies.  Kimmy began her dance journey in 2006 studying Tribal Fusion and then shifted her focus to Oriental and Folkloric stylings.  Kimmy is also a proud member of the Folkloric Sydney based dance troupe Farrah.